I'm Rabi. I am a Software Engineer, member of Team 27AE60.

Feel free to ping me at green.rabi@hotmail.com

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Cockpit is a HTML5 app to create panes and windows in Tmux. The idea is to reduce the time we spend on configuring our Tmux sessions. Its a one time configuration and run it whenever you need it.

Featured in Show HN (Hacker News)

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Todo Tab

Todo list on your new tab. This extension is primarily for people who spend most of their time in browser. 'Activity Colouring' improves the readability of current todo list and results in better task identification.

Featured in Product Hunt

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Chapi - Save anything from web

Chapi helps you save contents like texts, images and pages that you find on the internet to a personalised space and allows you recollect it quickly by providing search and timeline. (currently in alpha version)

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Kathmandu Javascript Meetup (KtmJS)

Listings of activities/upcoming events of Kathmandu Javascript Meetup, along with an admin interface to manage assets, timeline and speakers information. All the assets are stored in Github itself. Handy tool for managing a technology oriented community.

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Shrii - a transliterator from English to Nepali

My personal favorite. Shrii is a product of Fortystones, a team comprising of five members and a technology blogging platform formed in our early sophomore years of IIITA. It is a transliterator from English to Nepali/Hindi.

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