Rabi C Shah

I am a full stack web developer with over 4 years of experience in building, deploying and maintaining web applications. I have worked with startups in getting ideas to a scalable production environment. I am currently based out of Bangalore and working with Team 27AE60 on a personal knowledge management tool (chapiapp.com).

Skills & Expertise

Paradigm and Methodologies Agile, OOPS, BEM, Modular Programming
Web Technologies HTML, CSS, Javascript and Node
UI Libraries / Framework React, Vue and Angular
Application Architecture Flux, MVC, MVVM
Hybrid Mobile Frameworks Ionic and Phonegap
Tools Wireframing, AWS, Git and Shell

Work Experiences

Senior Software Developer, BAXI: The Bike Taxi; Gurgaon, India - Oct 2015 - Nov 2016

As Baxi’s core member in articulating India’s first on-demand motorcycle taxi platform, I maintained a secure infrastructure, developed web applications for admin and operation team and established an efficient development / production workflow.

Engineering Lead (Front-End), Bookmyshow; Mumbai, India - Aug 2014 - Sep 2015

At Bookmyshow, I contributed in building an event management platform for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE), collaborated with designers and backend developers and helped in expanding the team size.

Web Hacker, Minsh; Bangalore, India - Jan 2013 - Jul 2014

Personal Projects

Cockpit, http://cockpit.27ae60.com

Cockpit is a HTML5 app for creating panes and windows in Tmux. The most interesting feature of the project is replicating Tmux pane creation in a web layout. Featured #1 on Show HN (Hacker News).

Todo Tab, Chrome Extension

A simple to-do list for your browser. This extension hijacks your browser new tab and replaces the default page with a todo list. And when ever I open a new tab the todo list will appear and it always reminds me about the tasks to do. Featured on Product Hunt.

Chapi - save everything from web, http://chapiapp.com

Chapi - is a platform to help you get organized with your knowledge base. It helps you save contents like texts, images and pages to a personalized space. Chapi comes with an efficient search and a timeline of your saved contents for quick recollections. It’s in alpha stage of development.

Shrii - English to Nepali, https://rabishah.github.io/nepali-unicode

Shri (श्री) is a transliterator that maps each or combinations of English alphabets to respective Nepali alphabets allowing users to easily write in Devnagari script.


Education & Interests

Bachelor Of Information Technology